Tennasyn Moody

Author: Fenton, Collins & You LLC
The Tax Trio

You won't find a more knowledgeable or personable company to do your taxes. We have been working with Elaine (and the entire amazing team) at the Tax Trio for years. We have started multiple businesses, changed jobs, lived in different countries, and had kids making our taxes quite the messy affair year after year. But we haven't had to deal with the headache of all of those changes because Elaine knows what she is doing and takes care of all of the chaos for us. You get your taxes done by legitimate professionals but also get the perks of a small business as it feels like you are part of the family. No matter the changes or problems we have thrown their way they have helped us work through them and ensured we are taken care of. Whether it is for bookkeeping or taxes, this is the company you NEED to go with. You won't regret it.