Calvin Gray

Author: Fenton, Collins & You LLC
The Tax Trio

I can't express enough in words how much I appreciate the Tax Trio! People always told me the horror storries of tax season and trying to figure everything out while running your own business. I had always done my personal taxes (W2's) before I had my own company at the Tax Trio so I called them up and asked if they offer services for small businesses. Turns out they are a one stop shop! They now do my payroll and take care of my tax needs. They also gave me great financial advice and switched my company into an S Corp instead of a Sole Proprietor which I started it as. I just had my taxes done and it was a breeze! If you need your personal taxes done or have small business needs then definitely check out the Tax Trio! Elaine, Devon and Shelby will treat you like their own family!