Tax Preparers, Accountants & Bookkeepers in Orem, Utah

Most of the year you will find us at the office observing regular business hours. But during tax season it is not unusual to find us there burning the midnight oil. Once in a while, we try and find time for ourselves and our families. We wanted to share some of what we do at the office and what we would like to be doing when we are still at the office.

Staff Bio’s

    • Elaine Collins - Founder and Managing Partner

    Elaine has over 18 years of experience in Public Accounting and Business and Individual tax preparation. She became an Enrolled Agent* in 2002 and furthered her professional development by becoming an NAEA Fellow with the National Tax Practitioners Institute, also attending 3 years of specialized training in IRS Audits and taxpayer representation. She has represented hundreds of clients in IRS audits, letters and hardship cases, helping her clients find a resolution to their IRS problems. As well as her extensive knowledge of all thing’s taxes, her areas of expertise include: QuickBooks Training, Payroll, New Business Entity Set Up and Small/Medium Business Planning. Her ability to connect with her clients and create long-term relationships is uncanny and wonderful, and you will never laugh more with anyone than with Elaine in your tax preparation meeting.

    Elaine is an accomplished seamstress and enjoys sewing and quilting for friends and family. She has made some of the most amazing and beautiful quilts for her family, and we will try and post some pictures of them when she will let us brag about her. When she is not at work, her time and focus are spent with her family, husband Brad, 6 children and 12 grandkids. She enjoys baking, including wedding cakes and could be considered a triple threat at your next wedding – make your cake, sew your dress and file your new tax return with your new spouse!

    • Angela Fenton - Founder and Co-Owner

    Angie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University.  She has over 20 years of experience in Public Accounting, including Business & Individual tax preparation, IRS representation, QuickBooks, Budgeting, and Small-medium business planning, specializing in helping business owners understand their financial statements and overall financial “health” of their business. 

    Angie has recently become a golf enthusiast. When not working she can be found out on the course perfecting the very frustrating skill of trying to get a tiny white ball into a very small hole in the ground! Her only drawback to golf is that animals are not allowed, since her greatest love is “her boys”, Calvin and Hobbs. She loves all sports, scrapbooking and writing and also enjoys reading and watching all things history related. Her passion is spending time together with her nieces and nephews and 18 grand nieces and nephews dirt biking, hiking, and camping. Last but not least, her future goals of traveling the world.

    • Devon Douglas - Administrative Assistant

    In other words, she does everything we don’t want to!!  She keeps Elaine, Angie and the office running – without her we are helpless!  As Angie said to someone one day, “I just work here, you’ll have to check with Devon”.  Devon was also an accomplished real estate Loan Processor/ Loan Officer and is very helpful with our clients who have tax related real estate questions, bankruptcies and credit issues.  She now manages all of our bookkeeping and payroll clients and has become an accomplished bookkeeper.

    She is a wonderful and engaged aunt to her nieces and nephews and spends a lot of quality time with them.  She is that second mom every kid needs!  She is devoted to her family and creating time and memories and has extended family in other states and visits… not as often as she’d like.  Her other interests include reading and . . . . uh reading!!  Her ideal day is spent in a chair at Barnes & Noble’s with her cell phone OFF.


    Shelby is a jack of all trades. She runs our front desk and does your typical “receptionist” tasks but also jumps in to help wherever it’s needed. With prior tax preparation experience she has basic knowledge of taxes, but that knowledge has been expanding so she can further help the office and our clients. Because she’s involved with so much that’s going on in the office, we have an inside joke about how she’s the “real boss” and helps keep everyone on their toes. But don’t worry she knows who the REAL boss is. She helps keep us on track!

    In her free time, she enjoys getting out and going on a walk or hike or even just a drive being out in nature. Staying in and having a movie night is always a good option too! Shelby has a big movie collection, we’re not joking, and she loves music and is always singing. Her nieces and nephews are her “kiddos” and they’re her everything. She has a big heart and is always thinking of others.

    • Josie Sorenson - Bookkeeper

    Josie has the difficult task of making sure all bookkeeping has been downloaded and sorted on a weekly basis for all our clients.  It is her job to make sure all bank and credit card activity has been accounted for and reconciled each month. Josie loves working with people. She previously worked as a caregiver to adults with special needs and has 5 years of bookkeeping experience.

    Josie has 3 children and one grandson and spends most of her time on the weekend with her grandson and son. She enjoys being outdoors and, in the nature, and getting out in the sun! When she has the time, she enjoys walks and observing the beauty of her surroundings. 

    • Mitch Sundwall - Tax Preparer and Bookkeeper

    Mitch has 7 years of experience in Individual and Business Tax Preparation. In 2020, he became an enrolled agent and is excited about the new opportunities that come with this certification. He graduated from Western Governors University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is currently exploring his options for attending graduate school. He loves showing small business owners how to squeeze every deduction out of the IRS tax code. He also has experience in customer service, bookkeeping, QuickBooks, payroll, and entity setup. 

    He is an avid outdoorsman and loves hunting, shooting, fishing, camping, or just being in nature. Knife making, wood working and playing with his two Cocker Spaniels also keeps him busy outside of work. While he is usually a man of few words, he will talk your ear off when it comes to a subject he is passionate about. Considered by family and friends to be an “old soul”, he loves classic country music, vintage cars and older trucks. He likes to think of himself as a redneck with a white-collar job. Mitch is married to the love of his life, Megg, and has four boys, all of varying hair colors.