Author: Fenton, Collins & You LLC
The Tax Trio

Shelby is a jack of all trades. She runs our front desk and does your typical “receptionist” tasks but also jumps in to help wherever it’s needed. With prior tax preparation experience she has basic knowledge of taxes, but that knowledge has been expanding so she can further help the office and our clients. Because she’s involved with so much that’s going on in the office, we have an inside joke that she’s the “real boss” and keeps everyone on their toes! But don’t worry she knows who the REAL boss is. She helps keep us all on track!

She recently started school again but in her free time, she enjoys getting out and being in nature. Whether that be on a walk, a hike or a drive in the canyons. Staying in and having a movie night is always a good option too! Shelby has a big movie collection, we’re not joking, and she loves music and is always singing. Her nieces and nephews are her “kiddos” and they’re her everything.